It all started with a great vision, and a promise to bring greatness to the people we love.
SAVORIA Group is a fast-growing group of FMCG companies that commenced its business through food products and later expanded to the beverage industry. We have been accompanying consumers through our brands such as BONCHEF, CAFFINO, 5DAYS, FOX’S®, MILKLIFE, KOPI TUBRUK GADJAH, KRIZZI®, and SHOT®; ranging from pastry, coffee, confectionery, dairy, and snack and will continuously

Make everyday taste great.

We exist to celebrate everyday food moments, with quality products, fresh innovations, and great tastes for our customers to enjoy.
We believe in never compromising on creating quality food.
We believe great-tasting food can bring everyday joy.
We believe new ideas can come from anywhere.
We believe good food brings people together, as friends, as family. and as a nation.

(INtegrity, CREativity, DIligence, BLEnd)
Walk the talk
Innovation to win the consumers' heart
Continuous improvement
Work Excellence
Effective & Efficient
Humility & Respect Production Collaboration

PT Prima Top Boga (PTB) handles Pastry products including RTE croissants, frozen dough, ready-to-bake and ready-to-eat pastry under 5DAYS and BONCHEF brands.

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PT Savoria Kreasi Rasa (SKR) handles Food & Beverage products including candy, beverages, snacks, and dessert products under FOX’S®, KRIZZI®, and SHOT® brands.

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PT Sumber Kopi Prima (SKP) handles Coffee Products including brewed & instant coffee under CAFFINO and KOPI TUBRUK GADJAH brands.

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PT Global Dairi Alami (GDA) handles Milk products including fresh milk & UHT product under MILKLIFE brand.

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PT Gonusa Prima Distribusi (GPD) distributes products for the Savoria Group. GPD sales and distribution network is widespread throughout the Indonesian archipelago and also covers global distribution.

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Savoria Group enter new category of coffee RTD product through Caffino brand

PT Savoria Kreasi Rasa (SKR) launched a new mint candy product under the SHOT®️ brand.

PT Global Dairi Alami (GDA) start the biogas waste treatment initiatives to support company sustainability.

SKR, PTB, SKP, GDA, and GPD were merged into the SAVORIA GROUP.

PT Savoria Kreasi Rasa (SKR) launched KRIZZI® and FOX’S POWDER DRINK® brands.

PT Sumber Kopi Prima (SKP) launched KOPI TUBRUK GADJAH brand.

PT Prima Top Boga (PTB) launched the 1st ready-to-eat croissant in Indonesia under the 5DAYS brand.

PT Sumber Kopi Prima (SKP) opened the 2nd factory at Mojokerto.

PT Gonusa Prima Distribusi (GPD) was expanding its distribution to the export market.

PT Global Dairi Alami (GDA) launched
the MILKLIFE brand, the 1st lactose-
intolerant milk product in Indonesia;
available in fresh & UHT milk product.

PT Savoria Kreasi Rasa (SKR) started producing its ready-to-drink beverage products after acquiring PT Futami Food
and Beverages in Caringin, Bogor.

PT Prima Top Boga (PTB) established 2nd factory in Cikarang.

PT Sumber Kopi Prima (SKP) launched CAFFINO to enter the instant coffee market.

PT Gonusa Prima Distribusi (GPD) was established and specialized in sales & distribution.

PT Savoria Kreasi Rasa (SKR) acquired the FOX’S®️ brand from Nestle as well as its production facility located in
Cikupa, Tangerang.

PT Sumber Kopi Prima (SKP) was established with its factory in Kudus, focusing on coffee products.

PT Global Dairi Alami (GDA) was established, focusing on the milk product.

PT Savoria Kreasi Rasa (SKR) started to enter the market focusing on the beverages segment.

PT Savoria Kreasi Rasa (SKR) was established.

PT Prima Top Boga (PTB) factory in Cikarang, West Java, was established; focusing on frozen dough and ready-to-eat pastry products.

Pastry Factory
Standing on an area total of 3 hectares of land area, our factory provides frozen dough and ready-to-eat products by presenting innovation with the support of the latest technology that can be reached and processed practically for all customers.

Confectionery & Snack Factory
The Cikupa Factory produces confectionery products & snacks. Standing on an area of 22.100 m2 located in Cikupa Tangerang near exit Tol Bitung, this factory is backed up by production teams with years of experience and an on-site accredited laboratory.

Beverages Factory
The Caringin Factory produces PET bottle ready-to-drink beverages with hot filling technology. This factory is located on an area of 24.328 m2 in Caringin, Bogor; right at the heart of a mountainous area of Mt. Gede, Mt. Pangrango, and Mt. Salak, providing ample supply of clean and fresh water for production.

Coffee Factory
Located in Kudus and Mojokerto, our coffee factories are known for their stringent Quality Management System, which ensures the production of high-quality coffee products. Standing on 1.3 hectares of land area, the Kudus Factory can export 20% of its entire daily production, making CAFFINO readily available for coffee lovers around the world. Meanwhile, the Mojokerto Factory, with 11 hectares of land area, is the only coffee factory in Asia with a smart roasting system, maintaining the signature flavors of KOPI TUBRUK GADJAH.

Milk Factory
Located on 50-hectare land at Subang with an in-house farm, our factory is the second biggest milk factory in Indonesia with more than 6.000 Frisian Holstein cows on our farm cared for with extra attention. We are the first factory in Indonesia that uses Japanese Technology, that is maintain processing effectiveness as well as makes the product more hygienic. As our commitment to being an environmentally friendly factory, we are the first factory that implements a biogas waste system.