At Savoria, our people are our greatest asset. We thrive on a culture of sharing expertise through passion, respect, and joy within our incredible team. In unity, we embrace learning, personal growth, as well as the accomplishment of our shared mission and goals.

With this exceptional team, we are confident that Savoria will continuously make everyday taste great!

Be part of INCREDIBLE team!

At Savoria, we dream big and believe in possibilities. Our exciting journey fosters inclusive environment of trust, care, creativity, and excellence to bring goodness and joy to all around us. Let's make everyday taste great!

- Ihsan Mulia Putri (CEO SAVORIA)

At Savoria, the work environment is exhilarating. constantly buzzing with energy, highly dynamic, and brimming with numerous goals to accomplish. All process are also very open and transparent.

- Puguh Setiawan

Savoria offers an extraordinary work environment, providing me with countless opportunities to enhance my creativity, both in carrying daily work routines and facing new challenges. I am constantly encouraged to push my limits and unleash my full potential.

- Mimin Agustin

Being part of Savoria entails professional, intellectual, and personal growth. Savoria is the perfect environment for you to thrive and prosper.

- Yensen

Savoria is more than a "playground" for exploration; it is a remarkable place that fosters continuous leaming and provides great support system. Every new challenge comes with new opportunity because this is a place where there is always room to grow.

- Vanessa Ingrid Pamela

Our development program is designed to unlock the full potential of all employees and foster personal growth. Through a series of campus branding and engaging seminars, Savoria aim to inspire young generations and offer them opportunities to be part of our incredible team. For existing employees, there are also comprehensive training programs and internal festivities that empowers them to thrive in their professional and personal lives.